Trade Skills and So Much More

In the workplace as in life, hard skills can take a person only so far. That’s why our Skilled Trades Training Program will deliver a thoughtful curriculum that highlights soft skills and entrepreneurial training in addition to trade skills. In this way, students will gain not only valuable technical skills and work experience, but also the academic and personal skills needed to be successful in whatever path they choose after high school. Some may start earning a livable wage in their chosen trade even before they graduate from high school.

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Family Build Days

October 28th and November 18th

Workplace Soft Skills Club

October 2nd – December 13th

MRWC Entrepreneurship Camp

October 3rd – December 19th

Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

November 6th – January 25th

Deepening the Impact

Making a Difference

To further deepen the impact of the McKenzie Regional Workforce Center & the skilled trades training programming, the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County is:

Reapplying proven academic and mentoring success strategies learned during our 12 years of AVID/TOPS programming as documented through an independent university study.

Partnering with the Madison Area Builders Association, local unions, and other residential and commercial building companies and organizations to ensure young adults are prepared for professional success in skilled trades.

Actively engaging investors that are committed to eliminating barriers for youth from low-income communities to achieve career and financial success through skilled trades jobs.

Skilled Trades Training

Trade Skills Training will teach students the hard skills they’ll need to pursue careers as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, HVAC technicians, and more.

McKenzie Regional Workforce Center Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

Soft-skills training will provide students with social, emotional, and learning support to assist them with transitioning to the workforce.

McKenzie Regional Workforce Center Youth Entrepreneur Training

Youth Entrepreneur Training

Youth entrepreneurial classes will prepare students to launch their own independent businesses as well as build income and wealth.

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